RG Valah


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RG Valah vartininko pirštinės.

Visiškai naujas RG Valah vartininko pirštinių modelis. Lengviausias klasikinis RG modelis kurį turime asortimente 2024 – 2025 metais. Klasikinis baltas dizainas ir puikus sukibimas su kamuoliu. Flat Hybrid – Roll tipo delno kirpimas ir 4 mm storio latekso delnas.
Dydžiai: 7-11.
Kitos futbolo pirštinės ČIA.




CUT: New Modern flat hybrid roll cut.
BACKHAND: All White classic latex backhand design with natural punch absorption.
BODY: Light weight polyester body that offers to keepers a high comfort level with its smooth lining at the touch of the skin. It also has a breathable mesh tram cross, air feature.
PALM: New German Alpha Grip latex 4mm+3mm of internal padding It is an advance foam that offers best grip properties, great abrasión resistance and outstanding performance in all conditions.
WRIST & CLOSURE: EEWS, Easy entry wrist system, is a new technology to easily take out and put the glove even in wet conditions It has a high end elastic wrist developed using the feedback of our PRC keepers.
Latex strap that allows a firm grip to secure the belt in any weather conditions.
Sizes Available 7 – 11


Svoris 0.350 kg

11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5


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