RG Tuanis 2018

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4mm storio latekso delno vartininko pirštinės.

Negative delno kirpimas.

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The happiness from Centro America its here and better than ever!
Tuanis comes back with a new design offering a very tight feeling on the hands and following the
new era of gloves with newly developed materials. The negative cut offers a great fit, and together
with the Pinhole mesh body offer an amazing soft fit that makes this glove a star! The elastic closure
allows the keeper to have the wrist area very stable and secure.
The Rubber punch on the New Tuanis its anatomic and covers the exact part of the punching area.
We also added a double Thumb wrap and an extended wrap palm to give to this model all the extras!
Size: 8 – 11

Pinhole Body mesh makes this glove soft and elastic, with the
top part of the gloves finishing on latex of 4mm. The Rubber
Punch in the perfect position offers a great punch area for all
Set on our New Pinhole Mesh for better Fit, Elastic, breathable soft,
wrinkle free, natural, antibacterial, Hygroscopic (quick dry fabric).
Elastic, Double wrapped wrist, set on an elasticized bandage of 8 cm
wide. The rubber tab at the end of the closure helps to avoid the
erosion of the strap when the keepers put or take the glove.

Negative Cut, for a great contact with the ball, 4mm Giga Grip
German Latex with 3mm of internal padding. Double wrap thumb.
Fix Fit.

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11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5


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