RG Bionix Negative


Pristatymas per 2-10 d.d.

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RG siūlo Bionix Negative modelį kuris pagamintas naujomis technologijomis ir tik iš kokybiškų medžiagų. Naujasis lateksas užtikrina puikų oro pralaidumą ir ypatingą pirštinių lankstumą. Giga Grip 4mm storio latekso delnas ir Roll Negative delno kirpimo vartininko pirštinės.

Dydžiai: 7-11.


The next generation of RG Gloves has arrived! A completely SEAMLESS GLOVE with high performance natural rubber combined with multiple fabrics. Revolutionary solution material for high breathability and extreme
elasticity called EVA -Zone. This is the result of applying
cutting edge engineering technology and comfort.
Sizes: 7-11

EVA – Zone body with Silicon printing and amazing sublimation
graphics give this model a unique texture and elegance. Also,
this material allows high levels of water resistance & thermal
resistance for superior comfort.
GIGA GRIP white Latex 4mm + 3mm internal padding, set on a ROLL
NEGATIVE cut. The double wrapped thumb provides comfort and
more contact area with the ball.

A unique design specifically for RG, called the Wrist Fit System OR
“the tube”, that is of hyper technology. It gives the keepers a
secure feeling around the wrist area but at the same time super
comfortable and soft. It can be used with or without the removable
elastic loop strap which was engineered in a unique way to offer
the keepers a new method of a wrist secure system.

Svoris 0.350 kg

11, 10, 9, 8, 7


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