RG Bacan 21/22


Pristatymas per 2-10 darbo dienų.

Dydžiai: 7-11.

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Naujausios 2021/22 metų vartininko pirštinės!

RG Bacan

Visiškai perdarytos, pilnos šiuolaikinės eros modifikacijų RG Bacan vartininko pirštinės. Naujas užsegimo dizainas puikiai priglunda prie rankos ir papildomai kontaktuoja su kamuoliuku. Ryškios spalvos ir naujas dizainas įspūdingai išvaizdai.
Dydžiai: 7-11.
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Our first ever seamless, Roll Hybrid RG Model ! Completely redesigned; full of modern era modifications. A triple wrap design for an amazing fit on the hand and extra contact area with the ball. Bright colors, and new design for a striking look !
The back hand design, has been infused with 3mm breathaprene material. Along with sublimation texture & the incredible 3D high density printing & embossing effect on the bottom area, make this glove look more unique and prominent.
A Roll hybrid cut along with a triple wrap design on the thumb, index and pinky fingers offering an amazing fitting on the hands and more contact area with the ball. This model also enjoys an extended palm already enhancing the fit and grip of the design.
The superb Pro Contact Yellow German Latex palm offers best grip in all conditions together with great durability, strong holding properties
& flexibility.
The elastic removable strap with extended rubber gel provides confort and stability to your wrist as it is very adjustable & comfortable.
• EES: EASY ENTRY SYSTEM is designed especially for goalies with full flexibility for easy wear and easy take off.
AVAILABLE Sizes: 7 – 11


Svoris 0.350 kg

11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5


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