RG Aspro Black out 23/24


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RG Aspro Black out 23/24 futbolo pirštinės.

Juoda niekada neišeina iš mados!
Klasikinės, juodos futbolo pirštinės. Labai patogios, lanksčios.  Hybrid roll tipo delno kirpimas. 4 mm storio delnas. Dvigubas, 6cm pločio elastinis riešo užsegimas. Puikus pasirinkimas visiems!
Dydžiai: 4-11.
Kitos futbolo pirštinės ČIA.




There is a new astonishing elegant black and gold color combination, back hand design that has been infused with High quality synthetic latex fully equipped with inner padding that makes this glove look very strong and durable.
Roll Hybrid Cut. Double Wrap thumb system offers greater control and an excellent fit. The mesh gussets offer necessary breathability making this model super comfortable to wear.
The 4mm top quality German Pro Contact palm gives this model the best grip and durability on the market.
The double elastic SYNTHETIC strap with extended rubber gel provides support to your wrist as it is super adjustable & comfortable.
Sizes Available 4 – 11 .


Svoris 0.350 kg

11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4


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