RG Aion CHR 22/23


Pristatymas per 2-10 d.d.

RG Aion CHR 22/23 vartininko pirštinės.

Aion CHR grįžta po sėkmingo debiuto visame pasaulyje. Šis modelis dabar siūlo visiškai naują HYDRO Blue Grip latekso delną, specialiai sukurtą drėgnoms oro sąlygoms. „Aion“ yra modelis, kuris nustebins nauju kirpimu, nauju delnu ir nauju besiūliu dizainu su nauja spalvų derinio variacija.


Dydžiai: 7 -11.
Kitos futbolo pirštinės ČIA.


CUT: New Roll Hybrid with increase latex ratio on fingers is now available with Ergonomic Bio Fit method.
PALM: 4mm+3mm Hydro Blue Grip especially developed for wet conditions, offering excellent grip on the ball with optimized fitting and control. Developed by our professional goalies adding all elements which helps balance between grip in wet weather.
Body: Neo Flex body with high elastic and light weight method helps performance throughout the game.
Back Hand Foam: Embossed latex backhand with high density with its unique colours, offers comfortable punching at all stages.Wrist Fit System: Unique shape stitched elastic at entrance point helps adopting modern concept to play without strap. Its bonding towards wrist is modern and strong in all conditions, even in most high pressure of playing condition the glove itself keep position on the wrist very strong bonding due to its engineered stitching method.
Elastic Loop strap removable: Engineered with unique way to adjust goalie needs a wrist secure system. It can adjust the wrist with this elastic loop at its most powerful method which not just secure the wrist but also boost confidence level in the ground with forgetting to tighten the wrist due to its ergonomic engineering method.
Sizes available 7-11.


Svoris 0.350 kg

11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5


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